Chancery Law Chronicles, First Bangladesh Online Case Law Database

Chancery Law Chronicles (CLC) [] is an initiative of the Research Division of Chancery Chambers, one of the leading houses of legal practitioners in Bangladesh, implemented in collaboration with Chancery Research and Consultants Trust (CRC-Trust), a socio-legal development research and consulting group.

Pioneer Aspect of Chancery Law Chronicles (CLC)

First and Only Online Case Law Report

The only available online law report in Bangladesh is Chancery Law Chronicles (CLC), which now publishes verdicts of Supreme Court of Bangladesh. However, the Supreme Court publishes some of its decisions online.

Second Largest Case Law Report

The largest law report containing approximately 11,000 verdicts of Supreme Court of Bangladesh is Dhaka Law Reports (DLR) starting its journey publishing its first volume since 1949 to till date. On the other hand, Chancery Law Chronicles (CLC) being a online law report contains near about 7,000 judgments started its journey from the year 2007 and formally from August 28, 2008 and therefore become second largest case law report in Bangladesh.

Innovative Features of Chancery Law Chronicles

A. Use of Powerful Search Engine

B. Judgement

The judgments (near about 7000) are categorized under 28 different subject matters.

There are also categories under the name of Landmark Judgment, Sensational Cases and Public Interest Litigation.

C. Bangladesh Laws

This is very significant another segment of the CLC Website available under the menus of Legislation and Download. As has already been stated that during 2009, the Bangladesh Code, compilation of all Bangladeshi primary legislation (Act and Ordinance), was not updated in the website of Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, we have collected the laws enacted and passed by the Parliament in this segment.

C. Law Dictionaries

In this segment based on Bangladeshi laws, two dictionaries (a) Judicial Dictionary and (b) Legislative Dictionary are included.

D. Glossary

E. Latin Terms and Phrases

H. International Instruments

I. Forms

J. Reports of Law Commission of Bangladesh

K. Directory

L. Journal

M. Templates

N. Miscellaneous

Besides, there are some other segments of immense importance i.e. User Guide, Legal Career (allude to job location for job seekers, for employers), Scholarships (shows availability in Bangladesh and Foreign Universities, higher study opportunities for students), FAQs etc. are enveloped in this website.

In a single sentence about the website, it can be said that the whole website is intended to design to make it the Encyclopaedia of Bangladeshi Laws.

To see the very exciting Online Case Law Database and how it works!!

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