The Chambers’ library has an extensive collection of more than ten thousand national-international law books, text books, law reports, legal journals, archives, articles of interest etc. Experienced librarian is available to assist in legal research and other research projects.

Online library- Chancery Law Chronicles (CLC), which is the First ever Online Database of Bangladesh Laws, is an initiative of the Research Division of Chancery Chambers, offers online law library, with extensive number of case laws, legislations, international instruments, different type of dictionaries, law journal etc. In this online library, a very powerful search engine is used which helps the visitors of CLC to find out the desired information. The Chancery Law Chronicles (CLC) being a online law report contains near about 7,000 judgments started its journey from the year 2007 and formally from August 28, 2008 and become second largest case law report in Bangladesh.

Research Division

Chancery Chambers also operate a consultancy and research wing, i.e. Chancery Research and Consultants Trust (CRC-Trust), a socio-legal development research and consulting group/firm. It has started its journey as a Trust in 2008 as a successor of of the previously formed Chancery Research and Consultants-Bangladesh (CRC-Bangladesh). Chancery Chambers has implemented multidimensional and praiseworthy tasks in collaboration with CRC-Trust. The main objective of the Trust is to promote access to justice of Bangladeshi citizens and ensure human rights by disseminating legal information to all and make it easily accessible to people of all strata. With this noble vision, along with a group of young professionals tremendous efforts and tireless endeavour to make it successful, some of the eminent citizens of Bangladesh joined to form this Trust.

Chancery Research and Consultancy Trust operates the first online law report, namely, Chancery Law Chronicles (CLC).

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The reporter is known as Chancery Law Chronicles. It is headed by Advocate Md. Ershadul Karim and has on its list of Advisers retired Justices of the apex court of our country including former Chief Justice, Mr. Mustafa Kamal. The trust is headed by eminent development scientist and human rights activist. Ms. Khushi Kabir (Former Noble Peace Price Nominee 2009).

Human Rights and Other Activities

In addition to the professional works, Chancery Chambers has under the guidance of its Managing Partner, Sigma Huda, conducted many consultations especially in the legal reforms sector, environmental issues etc. and have been engaged by World Bank for its Bangladesh Municipal Services Project in collaboration with a prominent Chartered Accountancy and Consultancy firm, namely, SF Ahmed and Company (an associate of Young and Ernst) and its line of work was to assist in the establishment of a Municipal Development Fund to help channel financial support to eligible municipalities to finance urban infrastructure investments. Amongst other studies, the firm has also conducted a study for Standard Chartered Bank on Environmental Laws.

Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Right (BSEHR)- Besides the law firm, Chancery Chambers, Barrister Nazmul Huda and Advocate Sigma Huda founded a registered N.G.O namely Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Right (BSEHR) which was basically formed on the reports containing child abuse and misconducts of the law enforcement commenced activities against violation of human rights. It has a wide network throughout the country and in USA and UK.

It has developed its skills in investigations and litigation. Its lawyers also collaborate with Chancery Chambers in conducting cases both the Dhaka Metropolitan Area and elsewhere in the country as and when called upon to do so.

Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights-BSEHR is a Human Rights organization having the objective to establish and protect Human Rights as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to that end works to establish and perpetuate the Rule of Law and Good Governance in Bangladesh by ensuring the enforcement of fundamental rights of the citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. BSEHR recognizes the adequacy of these laws in the Constitution and at the same time is convinced that due to the lack of proper enforcement the laws have been rendered ineffectual. BSEHR believes that people's lack of sufficient knowledge regarding their own rights is the root cause for the lack of proper implementation of the laws. That is why, BSEHR renders free legal aid to the poor, the oppressed and the dispossessed who are victims of injustice, illegal detention, harassment etc, with the aim to promote the administration of justice, the Rule of Law and to secure legal guarantees for basic Human Rights in Bangladesh.

To achieve this goal, BSEHR also allies itself with the government and other NGOs from time to time.

Our Experienced Officers

Ms. Rifat Afrin

M. Com (Management)
Chartered Accountant Course Com. (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh),
Manager- Accounts & Admin,
Chancery Chambers, Barristers and Advocates

Mr. Shahadat Hossain (Shishir)

BBA, MBA (Dhaka University),
Chief Administrative Officer
Chancery Chambers, Barristers and Advocates

Mr. Abdul Mobarak

Rtd. Senior Assistant Secretary,
Ministry of LGRD, Bangladesh
Secretary; Chancery Chambers, Barristers and Advocates

Md. Aminul Islam

M. Com (Accounting), Jagannath University
Accounts Officer;
Chancery Chambers, Barristers and Advocates

Ms. Rina Akter

M. Com (Management), Eden Mohila College Accounts Officer [CRC-Trust]

Mr. Hamidul Huq Shikder

Bench Reader,
Appellate Division, Bangladesh Supreme Court
Stenographer and Court Reporter
Chancery Chambers, Barristers and Advocates

Mr. Shajahan

BA, Dhaka College,
Chancery Chambers, Barristers and Advocates

Mrs. Selina Chowdhury

Senior Computer Operator,
Chancery Chambers, Barristers and Advocates

Mr. Raju Mia

Computer Operator
Chancery Chambers, Barristers and Advocates

And others.

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